Tiny tiny lesson recap

I mentioned in my last post that I had a lesson the coming (Last) Monday. My original plan was to write a recap of that, but I’m not really feeling like it.

And, sticking with my new plan for hopefully being more active with blogging, I’m not going to try and write about something if I don’t feel like it. But to do a tiny lesson recap, it went well!

We didn’t really work on adding any height, but we did work on some more twisty turny type lines and it was quite fun! My only complaint would be regarding my brakes. I really had none. It took me roughly 1-2 full laps of the arena to get Ollie back into the trot after we finished a course, and he was really rushing at the jumps. I don’t like the feeling that we are going to crash through the jump, so we need to work on that.

although I do prefer the feeling of him pulling me to the fences vs backing off! It’s quite I change from how he was this time last year. Also Brianna came over and got lots of cute photos of Ollie jumping!!


I’ve also been feeling quite unmotivated regarding Riding. I think it’s because for the first time in awhile, there aren’t any horse shows to go to. I don’t only ride to show, but I do find it quite fun and it gives me something to work towards.

Right now I don’t really have a set “goal” I’m working towards, and it makes it harder feel motivated to do things. Some places are now saying that they will be running shows later this year, but I’m doubtful and honestly, I’m not sure if I think it’s the right call. So, unless things magically completely clear up regarding Covid, or my local equestrian club holds a show (again, very very doubtful.), I don’t think I’ll be going. There is also the fact I was really hoping to move up to pre-training this year at the events, but now I don’t think it’s the right time. I wanted to have a couple 3’ jumper rounds under my belt at locations other then my local jump before I head off to do a pre-training, and all the spring schooling shows obviously got canceled. Plus my dressage is really not looking good right now… I should probably be using this time to work on that but… unmotivated. If we do magically have a event to go to, I’m not sure what I’d do. I don’t quite feel ready for pre-training yet but I don’t really want to do another Entry. Ah well.

And of course, I’m desperately missing XC. There is not a easy or close place I can go to practice, so… #IMSOSAD.

We have been doing a lot of trail riding though. I tossed on my western saddle for fun last night and he’s so cute in it.

aaannnnnd that’s all I feel like writing about today haha. Enjoy another cute picture though!

fun fact, I had to get Ollie a warmblood sized fly mask because his big ears wouldn’t fit in a horse lol


Hi again!!

Wowza, it’s been awhile since I last blogged! I’m really not sure where to start. If you follow me on Instagram (Maren_Eventing) then you probably aren’t too far behind on what’s been going on around here (spoiler if you aren’t on Insta, absolutely nothing.).

Brianna got some amazing pictures of my Ollie🥰

Obviously, I haven’t really been doing anything Lately because of Covid, and therefore don’t have a lot too update anyone on, but My coach opened back up for lessons earlier this month! I had a fabulous jump lesson* a week or two (who can keep track anymore?) ago, and I have another one booked for tomorrow as long as the weather corporates.

* social distancing style of course!

all the jumps got repainted and look AMAZING! Plus this fancy for sale sign one is new! Of course my little wonder pony didn’t even look at it even though we hadn’t had a serious jump school in months!! (Ok now I know I’m starting to gush about how awesome Ollie is but like… look at his adorable knees too🤩)

I think I’ll just stick a bunch more pictures from My last lesson and leave it at that for today… I really want to start blogging more again, but it almost feels like I need to do some massive update on what’s happened in the past 6 or so months? No way that’s actually going to happen so I’m just going to pretend I’ve been blogging and try too start up again. Maybe I’ll do a lesson recap sometime in the next week or so after my lesson tomorrow.

He’s like the cutest super pony ever
My blog has decided it won’t let me add any videos unfortunately… pictures will have to do for now!
Bit of an awkward jump in… this was a skinny one stride to a vertical one stride to another skinny
As you can see we barley made it over this one…
And we finished over this one! I’m not really sure when I decided that 3’5” triple bars looked jumpable but… it didn’t look that scary cantering up to it!



Winter storm 2020

The climate here is always super mild in the winter, but we have actually had some nice cold weather recently! (Even down to -11!) Plus some snow, which I love! The snow never lasts long here, so it doesn’t stay long enough to get annoying. normally It melts away within a couple days.

Oliver likes the snow too

Yesterday though, we got a “winter storm warning” that basically said we were going to get 5-10cm if snow, combined with over 70km/h winds, then it would stop snowing and start raining at 3am. Nice……… our power went out at around 9pm, so luckily we’d already had time to feed the horses plus fill up some extra buckets with water for the horses and dogs. since we are on a well we lose our water when we lose power☹️ (although, I only filled up a couple little water bottles for the humans… lol). But whatever, we just lit some candles. Then we heard a big crack, that sounded like it was coming from near the barn, so we ran out there to check. Turns out the top half of a tree had broken off and fallen down.

Since we were out there, we also tossed the horses some more hay. Ollie was actually asleep, and Lilliput and Tanta didn’t care, but Rasty and Maggie were a little nervous. Then, right as we were tossing the last pile of hay, we heard yet another big crack, this time followed by a thud. Boo. Turns out a big tree had fallen down in our front yard and killed our fence 😤

of course it also fell on the corner of the fence, so it squished a lot of fencing:(

then we all just went to bed, because there’s not really much point in staying up if you can’t do anything. This morning while feeding the horses, a found more trees down. I saw two down beside the driveway, although upon closer inspection it turned out to be 5 trees.

looks like two trees right? WRONG!! The rootball further away is actually 3 trees, and down near the top of this one it’s squishing a smaller tree. (Although, just look at how lucky we were that it fell in between those other three trees!! Lol)
the three trees that I originally thought were one
And the big tree squishing the little one.

annnnnd, there was even one more tree down,

See here? “Why is the tree not touching the ground?” You might be thinking? Well…
Looky here!! The tree is on the power lines!!! Yay!!! Yippee!! So cool! Who loves stormy winter weather?!?

Needless to say, I am not impressed with our “winter storm”.


I like cold, sunny weather, or cold, snowy weather. NOT warm windy and rainy Weather.


Well It’s basically Christmas…

It’s crazy how fast this year past… and I totally forgot to blog. Ugh. Oops. I left off with a post titled “part one” about 5 months ago, but let’s just pretend that I’ve been blogging this whole time ok???

Screenshot (21)
so much has happened that I don’t feel like sorting it all out and writing about it. #sorrynotsorry

I’m just going to focus on the recent things that Have happened! (Who wants to write 5 months worth of posts?) We have all our Christmas decorations up, and even the ponies are in the holiday spirt!

or maybe it’s just the owners of the horses And Tanta who are in the holiday spirt… Ollie doesn’t look that excited lol.

Marigold has also been joining in and is super excited for her very first Christmas!

again #sorrynotsorry for the photospam. Also… go check out her new Instagram @Marigold_the_golden 😉

it’s Only a couple sleeps till Christmas now! So since chances are I won’t be blogging until then, have a great Christmas everyone!!!! (And uhh… sorry for the super short post but it’s all I could come up with lol)