Hi again!!

Wowza, it’s been awhile since I last blogged! I’m really not sure where to start. If you follow me on Instagram (Maren_Eventing) then you probably aren’t too far behind on what’s been going on around here (spoiler if you aren’t on Insta, absolutely nothing.).

Brianna got some amazing pictures of my Ollie🥰

Obviously, I haven’t really been doing anything Lately because of Covid, and therefore don’t have a lot too update anyone on, but My coach opened back up for lessons earlier this month! I had a fabulous jump lesson* a week or two (who can keep track anymore?) ago, and I have another one booked for tomorrow as long as the weather corporates.

* social distancing style of course!

all the jumps got repainted and look AMAZING! Plus this fancy for sale sign one is new! Of course my little wonder pony didn’t even look at it even though we hadn’t had a serious jump school in months!! (Ok now I know I’m starting to gush about how awesome Ollie is but like… look at his adorable knees too🤩)

I think I’ll just stick a bunch more pictures from My last lesson and leave it at that for today… I really want to start blogging more again, but it almost feels like I need to do some massive update on what’s happened in the past 6 or so months? No way that’s actually going to happen so I’m just going to pretend I’ve been blogging and try too start up again. Maybe I’ll do a lesson recap sometime in the next week or so after my lesson tomorrow.

He’s like the cutest super pony ever
My blog has decided it won’t let me add any videos unfortunately… pictures will have to do for now!
Bit of an awkward jump in… this was a skinny one stride to a vertical one stride to another skinny
As you can see we barley made it over this one…
And we finished over this one! I’m not really sure when I decided that 3’5” triple bars looked jumpable but… it didn’t look that scary cantering up to it!



6 thoughts on “Hi again!!”

  1. Hi Maren,

    Did not receive any other emails but this one more than made up for it!! Now, do not laugh but I noticed your first paragraph was repeated four times and I wonder if I am supposed to put some comments in underneath or you did not mean to do this?

    The photos are amazing – you and Ollie look like you belong together!! On the third photo it looked as if Ollie had cleared the bars by about a foot – you must be so pleased to be back at your lessons😁

    Brianna mentioned that you had all been swimming and I can not believe how you managed to get in the ocean as I would have thought the water very cold?

    Poppa and I are fine although I have to say I did not like the rainy day yesterday😚 This morning was dull but it is lovely and sunny now – Poppa and I have pottered around in the garden for a little while.

    Another question, I noticed an add for an ECG Smartwatch at the end of your blog – do you give permission for this? As you see I have absolutely no idea about these things and could maybe do with another lesson from you😎

    Take care, with love, Nanny x🐶🐶🐶

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nanny!
      Oh no, I’ve actually sent a couple different emails? They must not be going through:( I’ll look and see if I can figure out how to send them again.

      Haha no, the first part was only supposed to be once. I noticed right after I posted it lol. I’m not sure why it added it three times… weird!
      The ocean has been SUPER COLD but once your in it’s not that bad!

      I believe the add is there because I forgot to renew WordPress lol 😂


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