My sister is naughty.

Yeah, ok. Maybe that’s a weird title for a blog post, maybe something like how my sister is spending all my money, or something simpler like how I ended up wth all this stuff. Pick any of the three. They are all unfortunately acurate and true. it all started with blankets. While we were away having fun in California, Rasty shredded up Lilliput’s one and only winter blanket. Clearly we immediately decided to get her another, perhaps in pink. Then the tack store that carries some of my favourite blankets had a sale on. Too much to resist. We ordered a blanket for Lill, one for Rasty, and one for Tanta. Unfortunately. None of them fit. I don’t know why? We got our horses regular sizes, so by all means they should have fit! Or at the very least not hung a foot off. I had grabbed a leather hole punch that was on sale when we got the blankets, so that was the one bonus. I guess we’ll end up shipping back the blankets.


This is where Brianna actually started to get naughty. The blankets weren’t that bad. We did actually need them. The breeches however? Nope. Did not need. TWO pairs of breeches? I definitely did NOT need. Apparently, according to my sister, both the pairs of breeches I got are lovely. I… couldn’t actually say. Why? Because one; I didn’t actually really look at them, And two; I forget what they even look like. I think one pair is… white? Green? Tan? I know not. And three; my sister cornered my at 1am when I wasn’t thinking straight and somehow convinced me that it was a AWESOME idea to spend  $320 On these breeches, and since then I’ve basically forgotten that I ordered them, because… I didn’t? I got cornered in the middle of the night and threatened into buying these breeches so that Brianna would have someone to share the cost of shipping her breeches to us with. Yeah. I’m regretting it slightly. Hopefully these breeches will fit me? Because I have no idea what size Brianna ordered me. 😬

Did I mention that I’m training my horse to go bridleless? He’s loving it btw.

Luckily, that is all the damage my poor bank account has suffered so far. Unluckily, Brianna is currently trying to force me into buying New stirrups, saddle pad, brown riding gloves, TWO new show jackets, stirrup leathers, a SECOND dressage bridle (because I totally need two? When I only have one horse?) a SADDLE. And Soooooo much more. She’s been the most crazy about the show jackets, but I’m against having three of them. If you need more convincing on the fact that I’m not making this up, look at the text she sent me tonight trying to get me to buy a pair of gloves I think are ugly.


I love the #spendallmarens$$$. NOT. How much longer can I put up with this before she drives me over the edge and I dump her phone in the manure pile? I really don’t know. Probably not much longer. Please wish me luck.

Alright. Manure pile… here I come.



It’s good to be back.

first off, two things. one; I’ve gotten my blog Back again and second; I’m back from my Vacation also! So maybe I’ll actually post somewhat regularly! (Or, maybe not… but let’s hope I remember that I have a blog) of course, it was Awesome in California! Nice and hot, and sunny! But I always miss my animals like crazy, and start going crazy. I did have a great time though! We want to Universal Studios Hollywood for two days at the beginning of the vacation, and it was AWESOME! (Well… Harry Potter world was awesome, I didn’t have much attachment to the rest of the park) it was just so cool to walk around Hogsmade! And go the Ollivander’s, and the three broomsticks, and Zonko’s, and Honeydukes, and- ok, I think you’re getting the picture😂 it was super awesome.

Hogwarts was pretty cool…
Very pretty don’t you think?
The inside was awesome as well! We got to hear Dumbledore give a speech😉
And of course Ollivander’s!
Was Very cool! And they had lots of wands (duh Maren🙄😂)


It was hard to get good pictures though, as I didn’t want anyone in them, and It was super crowded…

my only complaint would be that basically all the shops in HP carried the same merchandise… so while there was around 5 different stores, you only really needed to look in one. It was still fun to go in and explore them all though!

The Hog’s Head pub!

I got some pictures of Hogsmade, there isn’t a lot, due to the large crowds… but better then nothing!



And I got a couple pictures of Hagrids hut as well!


I like to think that I was very well behaved with what I purchased however😉 I got a wand, because reaaallllly… how can you go to HARRY POTTER WORLD AND NOT GET A WAND?!?(plus my parents actually payed for it, so you know…) it’s Ivy wood, Phoenix feather core, and 12 1/2 inches.


Also I got to go around casting spells while in HP. Which was super fun! You could light things on fire and stuff like that🔥

Me casting a spell
Those flames only showed up if you cast the right spell

then at Zonko’s me and my mom may have gotten a Extendable ear… and guess what? IT WORKS AMAZINGLY!!!😁😁 we tested it out and… SO COOL! Now there shall be no secrets that I do not know!  MWAHAHAHA 😈 I also found a phone case that looked like the monster book of monsters… and since I’m constantly breaking my phone cases, I just had to get it. Next up on my naughty purchase list, was a Ravenclaw necklace. I basically never wear necklaces…(say, I’m going to a super fancy dinner thing or something like that) but I also don’t… have any? I just borrow one of my sisters if need be. But if I’m being forced to wear a necklace… it may as well be a ravenclaw one?? (Yeah, I know. This logic isn’t that best) annnnnddddd, I shared a set of stock pins with Brianna. if we are to be picky, they are not actually stock pins. But they definitely resemble stock pins!  So BINGO!  Brianna is a Hufflepuff, and I’m Ravenclaw (see? This is why we don’t always get along.) and the set of “stock pins” had a Gryffindor pin, a Slytherin pin, a Hufflepuff pin, a Ravenclaw pin, and a Hogwarts one! So it worked out splendid! (Don’t ask me what we plan to do with the Gryffindor and Slytherin ones… I have no idea… maybe we could put them on my neighbors foals halters? Valentino gets Slytherin! Raven can have Gryffindor😉) And that’s all… I was however SUPER well behaved for the rest of the trip and the only other things I came home with happened to be dog toys. (And, you know, my clothes.)

I probably love the box just as much as the actual ear.
And it just works SO AMAZINGLY
Isn’t it pretty??
Perfect to put on a stock tie
And a close up on the best house at Hogwarts ;-))



One of the other cool things, in the middle of Hogsmade there was a covered area (just outside of the Owl Post) and at first the roof looked completely normal…

Completely normal. Right?
Nope. Not normal, there was a LOT of Owls.

If you actually read that, GOOD JOB! If you just skipped around looking at the pictures… I can’t blame you😂 in a nutshell, Harry Potter world (the Hollywood location,) was pretty awesome! I wish there had been more variety in the merchandise that they sold… but overall it was spectacular. I’m a big Harry Potter fan (just look at the title of my blog🤣) and I’d definitely go back ;-)) but if I was to go back I’d probably only go for a day, not two. It was nice to have to second day, but we’d already looked at everything on day one plus day two was basically only spent shopping, something that my wallet could have done without. We moved on to Disney after Universal, and had another two days there. Which was awesomely fun! I love Disneyland… but, it was really busy (obviously, it is Disneyland after all.) that meant that a lot of our time there was spent waiting in line… there was only one ride that we got on with NO LINE?!? It was nothing short of a miracle. (Also the ride was pretty fun!






⬆️ Was fun. We had the “magic hour” passes, so we got in a hour earlier then normal (8am instead of 9am) and it worked out great for the second day at Disney because we were able to run for it and get on Soarin’ around the World, which normally has a 1-2 hour wait. And we got on within 5 minutes 😁  The first day at Disney… we… didn’t have quite as successful of an early entry. We hopped on Dumbo, my moms favourite ride, then started walking in the direction of toon town, but noticed that the wait line for It’s a Small World was basically NOT THERE! We all remembered liking it somewhat ok, so we hopped in the little boat, WORST MISTAKE OF OUR LIVES. That ride was the MOST BORING and CREEPIEST thing ever. It wasn’t meant to be either of those things, but it was. There was all these fake little people dancing around, and they just looked sooo creepy. And as for the boring, it was… TWENTY MINUTES LONG? WHAT THE HECK?!? It was torture. I would not recommend going on it. And don’t get me started on the MUSIC. We all had major headaches afterwards. We also rode lots of the other rides! And overall (with the exception of It’s a Small World and all the crowds) it was super fun! After Universal/Disney we went to a different hotel (it was more of a Villa) and just hung out for a couple days. Then headed home. I’m one of those people, who enjoy Vacations but really just can’t wait to get home. And Ride. I just can’t function without seeing/cuddling my pets🤷🏽‍♀️ so while I had loads of fun, I was super excited to get home again! We arrived back at… 1:30am… which was not ideal…(for obvious reasons.) but me and Brianna still ran down to the barn to say hi to the ponies before bed. I felt kinda bad for them… here they are, trying to sleep, then we run in and wake them up. But they don’t mind? Or…? 😂 I had a lovely(ish) ride.  (next morning, I didn’t ride at 2am lol) and considering that Ollie had 9 days off… I am pleased to still be in one piece!

I don’t trust that look…
He was basically Doing a Piaffe in the x ties.😳

Thats all for now. Hope everyone’s been doing well lately! I’ll attempt to post again soon (yeah who am I kidding. It’ll probably take me another year or so to post again.)

Don’t trust the kitten when she has a wand. It will most likely end in something happening to you.



“Cookie… No. we’ve had this conversation before, you can’t steal my blog again.” *MEOW* “Cookie! No! Give it b-”

Hello fellow Freeze dried Chicken lovers! It is I, the amazing Cookie. You may remember me? I temporarily borrowed my mommy’s blog a bit back, you can find my masterpiece Here. And good news, I’m BACK! And I intended to keep this blog now, don’t worry, I’m not giving it back to my mommy.

marenphotosapril2018 1203

My my most recent complaint is this. My Mommy is going on VACATION for FIVE YEARS.🙀 and LEAVING me HERE at HOME for the five years in question! (With a house/pet sitter, but STILL.) WHERE is my vacation?!? I am NOT impressed. I. The magnificent. The Magical. Cookie am not being allowed along. She’s “saying” that it’s because I wouldn’t like going through this big long process where I have to wait forever to be able to go on the plane. She also said that I’d drive everyone on the plane crazy.😒 she clearly just wants to hog The vacation for herself. She’s also saying that she’s only going for a about a week, not five years… don’t believe her. I’ve seen the calendar! You can clearly see how unfair this is. All I can say is this… I better get one AWESOME present when my mommy comes home.

If she thinks I’m not planning on sneaking into her suitcase at the last minute… she’s sadly mistaken.

My SECOND complaint, This weather. I, believe that cold weather is evil. It hurts my paws to walk on, and my mommy has not invested in little paw booties for me. I am complaining. She could also get me a matching jacket, while she’s at it.

Cold weather sucks. I’m basically stuck inside, unless I want to freeze. Which I do not. Why can it not be summer all year long?(also, yes. The Christmas lights are STILL up. These humans have been very slack about taking them down…)

I believe I have 100% MASTERED the art of blogging. Complain about two things, no more. No less. Then wrap up the post, and post again the next day! HA!

You may Call me, Your royal Highness, Queen Cookie.



Snowy photobomb!

It’s been snowing like MAD since last night, and we already have a good half foot of snow here…



the one good thing about all this snow, is that it looks awesome in Photos. My sister and I  had some fun playing around with the Ponies, so prepare for a photobomb. Ollie is super photogenic, and it worked out well.

my computer is being very Annoying and is not letting me insert the individual images, so I’ll add them as a big slide show/Video thingy…


I’ll try and convince my computer to work soon… and post the rest of the pictures then, but this is all for now!


The weather hates me.

It is, snowing again. And not just lightly. It’s basically a blizzard.*   The up side, is that Ollie is more “forward” in the cold weather, so it’s less of a kick kick ride and more of a “ahhhhhh!!! Stop! I have nooooo breaks…” oh, maybe this isn’t a good thing… either way! It’s fun to ride Ollie when he’s a little more forward. Plus I got some footage of my ride last night, so prepare for a photobomb….


*ok. So it’s not even close to a blizzard, but I’m going to say it is.

Oliver:                                                  “Woah! There is a scary person hiding in the shadows taking pictures that I just noticed….”


Ollie again:  “Come on lady. This isn’t actually a jump! It’s not worth my effort


And… Ollie Again:                                “I said make them higher! This little one is even smaller…”
Ollie:  “Where’d the jumps go?”
Ollie:   “Weeee! Getting better, but higher plz!”
Ollie:  “Hey! This one is the same size!”
This is probably the best stretchy trot I’ll ever get with Ollie… it’s not our strongest thing….
I just thought this picture was adorable. Ollie is so cute.
This one makes my horses head look huge…(which it is) but still cute
A good gallop around does wonders for getting your horse responding to your leg…
Hehe! To bad it’s blurry
Working trot… right rein
And working trot… left rein (right rein was better…)

that’s all for now! This snow had better stop soon…