Well… I figure I’ve kept it under wraps for long enough. so, without further due, meet the newest member of my family, Nico!!


So. Yes. I got another horse! Nico, JC registered as “EL Longhorn” is a a 2016 17hh OTTB gelding 🥰

He came here around two months ago but I’m terrible at remembering to blog so… yeah. Your just finding out now… (unless you follow me on instagram that is! hehe)

But! back to Nico. He’s not been doing much of anything yet, I wanted to give him some time off after racing, and then I had to get his shoes pulled due to him having very thin hoof walls and not keeping them on, so he’s been a little tender on his feet and I would feel bad making him do anything.

I tried to give him hoof boots, but they just rubbed:(

anyways, he’s a super sweet and cuddly dude, which is what I was looking for! I’m a bit doubtful as to how well he will handle/like being an event horse (he is very clumsy + slow lol) but only time will tell! and he’s super super tho cute so that makes up for any lacking athletic abilities lol.

trying on Ollie’s saddle a couple weeks ago! (he has gained more weight since this photo was taken which I’m happy about too! he is chunking up quite nicely lol) I have one to try that will hopefully fit him better as well… I’m just trying to arrange a time with out saddle fitter to see if its a good option!

And that’s about it! not a lot going on rn with COVID. Ollie has been a bit stiff this winter so I’m trying him on a new supplement and we haven’t been doing any hard work.

not recent (from summer/fall) but had so much fun doing some bigger courses last year with Ollie…

And that’s all for now LOL. see ya in a couple months!