Winter storm 2020

The climate here is always super mild in the winter, but we have actually had some nice cold weather recently! (Even down to -11!) Plus some snow, which I love! The snow never lasts long here, so it doesn’t stay long enough to get annoying. normally It melts away within a couple days.

Oliver likes the snow too

Yesterday though, we got a “winter storm warning” that basically said we were going to get 5-10cm if snow, combined with over 70km/h winds, then it would stop snowing and start raining at 3am. Nice……… our power went out at around 9pm, so luckily we’d already had time to feed the horses plus fill up some extra buckets with water for the horses and dogs. since we are on a well we lose our water when we lose power☹️ (although, I only filled up a couple little water bottles for the humans… lol). But whatever, we just lit some candles. Then we heard a big crack, that sounded like it was coming from near the barn, so we ran out there to check. Turns out the top half of a tree had broken off and fallen down.

Since we were out there, we also tossed the horses some more hay. Ollie was actually asleep, and Lilliput and Tanta didn’t care, but Rasty and Maggie were a little nervous. Then, right as we were tossing the last pile of hay, we heard yet another big crack, this time followed by a thud. Boo. Turns out a big tree had fallen down in our front yard and killed our fence 😤

of course it also fell on the corner of the fence, so it squished a lot of fencing:(

then we all just went to bed, because there’s not really much point in staying up if you can’t do anything. This morning while feeding the horses, a found more trees down. I saw two down beside the driveway, although upon closer inspection it turned out to be 5 trees.

looks like two trees right? WRONG!! The rootball further away is actually 3 trees, and down near the top of this one it’s squishing a smaller tree. (Although, just look at how lucky we were that it fell in between those other three trees!! Lol)
the three trees that I originally thought were one
And the big tree squishing the little one.

annnnnd, there was even one more tree down,

See here? “Why is the tree not touching the ground?” You might be thinking? Well…
Looky here!! The tree is on the power lines!!! Yay!!! Yippee!! So cool! Who loves stormy winter weather?!?

Needless to say, I am not impressed with our “winter storm”.


I like cold, sunny weather, or cold, snowy weather. NOT warm windy and rainy Weather.