A great weekend + PUPPY

Hello again!!! I haven’t posted in FOREVER…Oops! But I took Ollie to a 2 day event!! It was super fun!! We got a 39.?? On our Dressage test…so not awesome but not that bad either!! And we went double clear on Stadium jumping and Cross Country!!! And I’m super pleased with Ollie!! He was amazing!!!! We ended up tied for 22 after Dressage…then moved up to 14 after SJ and then up to 9th after XC!! Which in a field of 29 I feel isn’t that bad!!! Annnndddddd my sister is getting a puppy!!!!!! YAY!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! He’s the cutest little thing!! His name is Finnegan and he’s 3/4 border collie 1/4 Australian shepherd plus he’s SOOOO cute!!!! He came home for a visit yesterday and he’s coming home for real tomorrow!!!!!! I’m soooooooo exited!!! Here’s some pictures of him!!!


And yeah…I can’t think of anything else to post about…🙃 but I’ll try TRY to post again soon(ish)

4 thoughts on “A great weekend + PUPPY”

    1. I know he’s the Cutest puppy ever!!(along with Daisy) I can’t wait for later today!!!!! I’m soooooo excited for him to come home!!


  1. Finn is such a cutie!! You guys are so lucky!
    And if you’re looking for something to post, feel free to steal that currently reading book tag from me 🙂


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