“Cookie… No. we’ve had this conversation before, you can’t steal my blog again.” *MEOW* “Cookie! No! Give it b-”

Hello fellow Freeze dried Chicken lovers! It is I, the amazing Cookie. You may remember me? I temporarily borrowed my mommy’s blog a bit back, you can find my masterpiece Here. And good news, I’m BACK! And I intended to keep this blog now, don’t worry, I’m not giving it back to my mommy.

marenphotosapril2018 1203

My my most recent complaint is this. My Mommy is going on VACATION for FIVE YEARS.🙀 and LEAVING me HERE at HOME for the five years in question! (With a house/pet sitter, but STILL.) WHERE is my vacation?!? I am NOT impressed. I. The magnificent. The Magical. Cookie am not being allowed along. She’s “saying” that it’s because I wouldn’t like going through this big long process where I have to wait forever to be able to go on the plane. She also said that I’d drive everyone on the plane crazy.😒 she clearly just wants to hog The vacation for herself. She’s also saying that she’s only going for a about a week, not five years… don’t believe her. I’ve seen the calendar! You can clearly see how unfair this is. All I can say is this… I better get one AWESOME present when my mommy comes home.

If she thinks I’m not planning on sneaking into her suitcase at the last minute… she’s sadly mistaken.

My SECOND complaint, This weather. I, believe that cold weather is evil. It hurts my paws to walk on, and my mommy has not invested in little paw booties for me. I am complaining. She could also get me a matching jacket, while she’s at it.

Cold weather sucks. I’m basically stuck inside, unless I want to freeze. Which I do not. Why can it not be summer all year long?(also, yes. The Christmas lights are STILL up. These humans have been very slack about taking them down…)

I believe I have 100% MASTERED the art of blogging. Complain about two things, no more. No less. Then wrap up the post, and post again the next day! HA!

You may Call me, Your royal Highness, Queen Cookie.