My sister is naughty.

Yeah, ok. Maybe that’s a weird title for a blog post, maybe something like how my sister is spending all my money, or something simpler like how I ended up wth all this stuff. Pick any of the three. They are all unfortunately acurate and true. it all started with blankets. While we were away having fun in California, Rasty shredded up Lilliput’s one and only winter blanket. Clearly we immediately decided to get her another, perhaps in pink. Then the tack store that carries some of my favourite blankets had a sale on. Too much to resist. We ordered a blanket for Lill, one for Rasty, and one for Tanta. Unfortunately. None of them fit. I don’t know why? We got our horses regular sizes, so by all means they should have fit! Or at the very least not hung a foot off. I had grabbed a leather hole punch that was on sale when we got the blankets, so that was the one bonus. I guess we’ll end up shipping back the blankets.


This is where Brianna actually started to get naughty. The blankets weren’t that bad. We did actually need them. The breeches however? Nope. Did not need. TWO pairs of breeches? I definitely did NOT need. Apparently, according to my sister, both the pairs of breeches I got are lovely. I… couldn’t actually say. Why? Because one; I didn’t actually really look at them, And two; I forget what they even look like. I think one pair is… white? Green? Tan? I know not. And three; my sister cornered my at 1am when I wasn’t thinking straight and somehow convinced me that it was a AWESOME idea to spend  $320 On these breeches, and since then I’ve basically forgotten that I ordered them, because… I didn’t? I got cornered in the middle of the night and threatened into buying these breeches so that Brianna would have someone to share the cost of shipping her breeches to us with. Yeah. I’m regretting it slightly. Hopefully these breeches will fit me? Because I have no idea what size Brianna ordered me. 😬

Did I mention that I’m training my horse to go bridleless? He’s loving it btw.

Luckily, that is all the damage my poor bank account has suffered so far. Unluckily, Brianna is currently trying to force me into buying New stirrups, saddle pad, brown riding gloves, TWO new show jackets, stirrup leathers, a SECOND dressage bridle (because I totally need two? When I only have one horse?) a SADDLE. And Soooooo much more. She’s been the most crazy about the show jackets, but I’m against having three of them. If you need more convincing on the fact that I’m not making this up, look at the text she sent me tonight trying to get me to buy a pair of gloves I think are ugly.


I love the #spendallmarens$$$. NOT. How much longer can I put up with this before she drives me over the edge and I dump her phone in the manure pile? I really don’t know. Probably not much longer. Please wish me luck.

Alright. Manure pile… here I come.