Well It’s basically Christmas…

It’s crazy how fast this year past… and I totally forgot to blog. Ugh. Oops. I left off with a post titled “part one” about 5 months ago, but let’s just pretend that I’ve been blogging this whole time ok???

Screenshot (21)
so much has happened that I don’t feel like sorting it all out and writing about it. #sorrynotsorry

I’m just going to focus on the recent things that Have happened! (Who wants to write 5 months worth of posts?) We have all our Christmas decorations up, and even the ponies are in the holiday spirt!

or maybe it’s just the owners of the horses And Tanta who are in the holiday spirt… Ollie doesn’t look that excited lol.

Marigold has also been joining in and is super excited for her very first Christmas!

again #sorrynotsorry for the photospam. Also… go check out her new Instagram @Marigold_the_golden 😉

it’s Only a couple sleeps till Christmas now! So since chances are I won’t be blogging until then, have a great Christmas everyone!!!! (And uhh… sorry for the super short post but it’s all I could come up with lol)


Well that was fun! Part 1

I’ve been to worst blogger lately! Sorry about that. The weather has been crazy here and it’s either hot and sunny or rainy and miserable. Or both. Regardless, it has given me a consistent headache and has left me feeling like I should be curled up in bed with either a book or movie. It has also left me very unmotivated to write a blog post, but the fact that I’ve done so much stuff with Ollie recently means that I really have to write it all down before I forget and more stuff happens. Ah well, I’ll just try to keep this post short;)

I am trying to figure out my course and Oliver is trying to figure out what that absolutely massive RV is doing.

every year, there is a YR camp/clinic a Little ways away. I went once back in 2015 with Tyson, and it was so fun! I’ve been trying to go ever since then with Ollie, but there is always something that stops us. In 2016 I kept getting bucked off and my coach didn’t think I should go… then 2017 was HORRIBLE with so many forest fires and they had to cancel it. In 2018 I had no way of getting there 😦 I mean, we did have a trailer, but no one else we knew was going and my dad didn’t really want to drive 5-6  hours with one horse in the trailer. Plus Ollie likes a trailer buddy. Back to the point though, we went this year! It was so amazing. The property it’s on is beautiful, I think it’s close to 150 acres, and it’s all big grassy fields with mountains on both sides of the property. And they have multiple water complexes, ditches, banks, and lots of XC jumps. They host events there every spring and have levels from pre-entry up to prelim (they might even have intermediate? I’m not sure.), so there is a lot of variety with the XC jumps and terrain. The first day I had pace, It was nice to finally be able to do that with Ollie. I’ve never really been sure how fast his natural canter/gallop is (About 400meters per minute is you are wondering). Then directly after I had my first XC lesson! I was in a group with three others, and it was a really nice size. Small enough that I still got to jump lots but big enough that all the horses got a break in between jumping. Plus it’s always great to watch and learn!

Jomping a jomp coming up a hill.
Then going down.

the second day was another awesome XC lesson, in which I jumped the the most scary XC jump ever build! (ok, fine. Maybe it wasn’t the most scary jump ever built, but it was scary.) the picture isn’t the best as it was taken from the side…

You can’t really see it very good from this picture… but it was a skinny, and there was this BIG hole in the middle of it. Very scary;) also it was a solid 3’. Although I’m guessing you’d find it on a training course not a pre-training. Definitely not a entry course!

then on the last day I had one more XC lesson, followed by a dressage lesson a couple hours later. Unfortunately no pictures or videos from dressage, but Ollie was (understandably) getting pretty tired and it wasn’t the best. I DO have some more XC pictures tho😉

I mean… could the background really be any prettier??
All these photos are taken by Brianna if anyone was wondering. Thanks Brianna!!
The best pony!! Just to the left of this photo was a little log. I’ve never done a upbank, one stride, log before, but boy it was so fun!

now… I actually did something else very exciting after this, but I should go feed my hungry pony so you’ll have to wait to find out more! Haha!!

I am back! (But, I will be leaving again soon so don’t get excited.)

Yes you read that correctly! I actually remembered that I have a blog! Surprise! 


And, I have a LOT to catch everyone up on! First, all the lessons that I’ve had recently, although I’m not going to do any recaps of them, because that is too hard. Last I left off, my coach was away for a possibly very long amount of time… she is back now, but before she was back here I had a couple lessons with a couple different coaches.

Yes, I did buy my horse new Jumping boots. I have no self control. And also yes, Ollie did have multiple other working pairs of boots and mine are currently falling apart.

I also got to go XC schooling TWICE!! The first time on a property which belongs to someone I know, they have some logs and stuff set up and I was able to go and jump a couple things. The second time was a little more interesting, we trailered out the day before (we also brought along a friend’s horse because she wanted to school as well and Ollie likes a trailer buddy), and got to just hack around the XC fields. We’d booked to stay at a barn across the road overnight, and so the horses had some nice stalls there.

“Where are my treats ??”

them the next day we got to jump XC! I might post more about this, but if I don’t, Ollie was GREAT! (If you don’t mind almost getting bucked off in the warmup that is, he was fine once I put him to work but waiting around for everyone else was HARD.) we got to jump some banks, ditches, logs, houses, he was SO GOOD. I will say it, I am scared of ditches. But Ollie is the best and did not even blink, he just cantered over the bigger ditch on our first try🥰 GOOD PONY!!!!!!!! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures or videos of this, so you will just have to believe me that it happened. He was also amazing with the down banks, AND we jumped some Pre-Training jumps no problem, which is definitely a bonus going into our first “real” entry level event knowing that we have jump pre-training jumps! Yay!




Oh, and I almost forgot, lol. A jump coach came out to do a clinic at my coach’s barn! Which, I have Given you all a spoiler about already I suppose… but it was great! The clinician was able to explain things in a way that made a lot of sense, plus…

We got to jump this🤩

In a couple days I’m off for a YR clinic and an Event afterwards! There is NO CELL SERVICE at the camp though, and I’m assuming I will be busy at the event, so I suppose don’t count on me posting lol. Have a great week everyone! 🙂


O M G 🤯

You will never believe it! But, I jumped… THREE FOOT SIX INCHES?!? OMG. OMG. I still can’t really believe it so I will have to explain in a different post! But, omgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!!! 3’6”!! That is PRELIM height?!? Omg!

here is the video!

I still can’t believe it!!! I’m so happy!

I have no idea what the title on this post should be so whatever.

First, if anyone’s been wondering why I haven’t been riding lately, let me give you a short retelling:

on the way home from my last event, Ollie knocked his head on the roof of the trailer and took a inch long chunk out of his skin that went done to the bone above his eye:(

that was six weeks ago. Luckily, it healed up nicely (he was on uniprim and bute for five days) despite not having stitches. So la la la I was riding him, we did an AMAZING dressage clinic, la la la all is going well la la la… then I went to my friends house for a sleepover (that was super fun!) but when my mom came to pick me up she said “Ollie has a new injury…” NOT what I was wanting to hear!  I have no idea what he did… it happened in the middle of the night apparently, and he had taken the skin off part of his leg?🙇‍♀️ I’ll put a picture below, but it just looked super ugly. It’s also been healing pretty good though. He got 2 grams of bute for 5 days, and a scoop of Uniprim for 6 days, plus I was putting flamazine (I think that’s how it’s spelled?) on it twice a day. Annnndd I was wrapping his leg 24/7 for the first three days. Yaaaayy… so hopefully I can be riding him again soon.

I tried to make them little so if you don’t want to see them you don’t have to. The top is when he first injured himself, and the bottom picture was taken today.

The timing of his second injury actually worked out somewhat ok, meaning that our boarder was away and she’d said I could ride her horse. She was only gone for three days so I’ve been horsesless for about a week now, but it was nice the ride Maggie again! She’s probably the best little OTTB ever☺️


The other news, I’m desperate for a lesson. I had two dressage lessons about two weeks ago, (dressage clinic) but I NEEEEEDD a jump lesson! My coach is actually away, and it’s not clear when she will be getting back. The other day when I asked she said at least another month, but now it’s looking more like she’ll be gone for a little longer… I can totally understand why she isn’t here. She had to visit a friend, but it also means that I don’t have a coach for awhile. 😦 I think I’ll see if a can get some lessons with the other instructors around where I live though… we’ll see.

It’s a tough life being on stall rest while your leg heals🙄 (the little pink spot in the middle of his blaze is NOT where he hit his head in the trailer, that is something completely different😑)

That is all, have a great weekend everyone!!:)