Well that was fun! Part 1

I’ve been to worst blogger lately! Sorry about that. The weather has been crazy here and it’s either hot and sunny or rainy and miserable. Or both. Regardless, it has given me a consistent headache and has left me feeling like I should be curled up in bed with either a book or movie. It has also left me very unmotivated to write a blog post, but the fact that I’ve done so much stuff with Ollie recently means that I really have to write it all down before I forget and more stuff happens. Ah well, I’ll just try to keep this post short;)

I am trying to figure out my course and Oliver is trying to figure out what that absolutely massive RV is doing.

every year, there is a YR camp/clinic a Little ways away. I went once back in 2015 with Tyson, and it was so fun! I’ve been trying to go ever since then with Ollie, but there is always something that stops us. In 2016 I kept getting bucked off and my coach didn’t think I should go… then 2017 was HORRIBLE with so many forest fires and they had to cancel it. In 2018 I had no way of getting there 😦 I mean, we did have a trailer, but no one else we knew was going and my dad didn’t really want to drive 5-6  hours with one horse in the trailer. Plus Ollie likes a trailer buddy. Back to the point though, we went this year! It was so amazing. The property it’s on is beautiful, I think it’s close to 150 acres, and it’s all big grassy fields with mountains on both sides of the property. And they have multiple water complexes, ditches, banks, and lots of XC jumps. They host events there every spring and have levels from pre-entry up to prelim (they might even have intermediate? I’m not sure.), so there is a lot of variety with the XC jumps and terrain. The first day I had pace, It was nice to finally be able to do that with Ollie. I’ve never really been sure how fast his natural canter/gallop is (About 400meters per minute is you are wondering). Then directly after I had my first XC lesson! I was in a group with three others, and it was a really nice size. Small enough that I still got to jump lots but big enough that all the horses got a break in between jumping. Plus it’s always great to watch and learn!

Jomping a jomp coming up a hill.
Then going down.

the second day was another awesome XC lesson, in which I jumped the the most scary XC jump ever build! (ok, fine. Maybe it wasn’t the most scary jump ever built, but it was scary.) the picture isn’t the best as it was taken from the side…

You can’t really see it very good from this picture… but it was a skinny, and there was this BIG hole in the middle of it. Very scary;) also it was a solid 3’. Although I’m guessing you’d find it on a training course not a pre-training. Definitely not a entry course!

then on the last day I had one more XC lesson, followed by a dressage lesson a couple hours later. Unfortunately no pictures or videos from dressage, but Ollie was (understandably) getting pretty tired and it wasn’t the best. I DO have some more XC pictures tho😉

I mean… could the background really be any prettier??
All these photos are taken by Brianna if anyone was wondering. Thanks Brianna!!
The best pony!! Just to the left of this photo was a little log. I’ve never done a upbank, one stride, log before, but boy it was so fun!

now… I actually did something else very exciting after this, but I should go feed my hungry pony so you’ll have to wait to find out more! Haha!!

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