I have not actually fallen over and died in the manure pile. I just forgot about my blog.

I really need to be more on top of blogging, but I haven’t had much to post about? I haven’t been doing anything unusual, or new, etc etc… I’ve Gone on a couple trail rides! (IT HAS BEEN SUNNY.) and that is nice. I had a lesson,  which was also nice. And that’s kinda it.

One part of the trail goes right behind the golf course…. it is pure TORTURE. (Yes, Ollie wants to go gallop on it too.)

the one exciting thing, I have a schooling show coming up! It’s just one of the local ones, so I can trail ride over. (Trail ride PAST THE GOLF COURSE 😩) It is always nice to not have to trailer! It’s a “Clear Rounds” day, so you just go and jump around a bit. There is no Judge, and not a “set” course. (although, there is normally a course posted, but you can make up your own if you like.) you can school over all the scary* stuff though.

*scary “ish”. I’ve jumped it all multiple times, and they hardly ever repaint/get new jumps… so it’s nothing new for Ollie or me. Unless they DID get new jumps over the winter????? That would be awesome.

Jumps don’t look scary in this picture at all… probably bc I was still doing Hunters at that point 🤣(not that Hunters are less scary normally… but they are at my local shows.)

currently the list of “scary” jumps is this:

fake (plastic) brick wall.

white hunter gate. (used in Jumper to though.)

brown hunter gate. (Also used in Jumpers.)

Plank painted with Bricks/tunnel thing.

large red (plastic) plank.

small green (plastic) plank. (Used in both Hunters and Jumpers.)

large flower boxes. (VERY scary.)

and lots of little flowers for jump Fill.

that’s about it. But it’s nice being able to just school. And get you and your horse out for the first time of the year😂 the bad part, is that because it is the first outing of the year, everyone’s horses are crazy and out of control. And the warmup arena is quite small. So it’s a bit like a game of bumper horses.



That video is pretty old, (1 year? 2 years?) but it gives you the general idea! I tried to find the video of Ollie and I doing the Jumpers, as they didn’t put any fill out at that show. (For the Hunters anyway) and I wanted to get a picture of that Brick wall! But no luck so far!

Almost a year old, and Ollie’s head looks bigger then it actually is, but still a cute pic!

3 thoughts on “I have not actually fallen over and died in the manure pile. I just forgot about my blog.”

  1. Loved reading your blog Maren and glad you are not in the manure pile – especially since we are seeing you today!!

    Love Nanny x for Daisy x


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