The Rat is BACK.

I didn’t mention this before, but about a week ago I saw a rat in our barn. It was a cute rat, but still a rat. So it clearly had to go. When I got back in to the house (after I’d seen rat for the first time) I at once explained how HUGE he was. Nobody believed me. The next day however, he had showed up again, and Brianna saw him! And validated that he was huge. Luckily we didn’t see him for a bit, and I’d thought maybe he had moved. NOPE. Thinking back on it, the nights we hadn’t seen rat were the nights we fed the horses while it was still light out, but tonight we fed more at 8ish… so it was dark out. And guess what? We saw Mr Rat. Not once. Not twice. Not even three times. We saw him FOUR TIMES. And we were only outside for 20-30 minutes?! Ahhh. So annoying. I really didn’t want to have to deal with a rat problem. It’s funny though, when you think of a “rat problem” you think someone has rats nesting in tack/feed rooms, maybe chewing naughty things. But do you pictures one big fat rat? because that’s what we have… so far, Rat isn’t chewing anything naughty, he’s not doing anything problematic that I know of, but he still clearly needs to go. 

Sorry about the picture quality. My phone takes bad photos in the dark.

lets do a full rat profile here, because it sounds kinda weirdly fun.


name: Scabbers, AKA Petter Pettigrew. (hahahahaha, I couldn’t resist.)

hight: Approximately 1 hand high.

colour: Brown.

Petter has been known to run around the barn at night, generally being cute and not showing signs of trouble. Yet. He likes to hang out in front of Tanta’s stall, and at the front on the aisle. He’s a remarkably calm rat, and is unafraid of humans for the most part.


 My sister and I are going to try and find our live trap tomorrow, I’m not 100% sure what we plan on doing with Petter once we catch him… Brianna wants to keep him as a pet, I don’t. (although he is actually super adorable.) know anyone who wants a big pet rat? I suppose we will take him up to the logging roads and let him go up there? Ollie will be sad, he was looking forward to having a pet rat.🐀 



Can’t they play with the toys we buy them? Not break all the haybags?


2 thoughts on “The Rat is BACK.”

  1. Omg laughing so hard about the “meet the rat”. Peter is actually pretty cute, BUT if he chews my saddle I can guarantee he wont be cute anymore. So yeah… we must find that live trap. It’s also a little unnerving always wondering if a giant fat rat is going to jump out at you in the barn… lol


    1. Lol. If Petter knows what’s good for him I’m sure he’ll stay far away from your saddle.

      Definitely unnerving to worry about when he will jump out at you in the barn!!😟

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