The weather hates me.

It is, snowing again. And not just lightly. It’s basically a blizzard.*   The up side, is that Ollie is more “forward” in the cold weather, so it’s less of a kick kick ride and more of a “ahhhhhh!!! Stop! I have nooooo breaks…” oh, maybe this isn’t a good thing… either way! It’s fun to ride Ollie when he’s a little more forward. Plus I got some footage of my ride last night, so prepare for a photobomb….


*ok. So it’s not even close to a blizzard, but I’m going to say it is.

Oliver:                                                  “Woah! There is a scary person hiding in the shadows taking pictures that I just noticed….”


Ollie again:  “Come on lady. This isn’t actually a jump! It’s not worth my effort


And… Ollie Again:                                “I said make them higher! This little one is even smaller…”
Ollie:  “Where’d the jumps go?”
Ollie:   “Weeee! Getting better, but higher plz!”
Ollie:  “Hey! This one is the same size!”
This is probably the best stretchy trot I’ll ever get with Ollie… it’s not our strongest thing….
I just thought this picture was adorable. Ollie is so cute.
This one makes my horses head look huge…(which it is) but still cute
A good gallop around does wonders for getting your horse responding to your leg…
Hehe! To bad it’s blurry
Working trot… right rein
And working trot… left rein (right rein was better…)

that’s all for now! This snow had better stop soon…

2 thoughts on “The weather hates me.”

  1. Haha yes! Me too! It is uncommon for his trot to be that enthusiastic though! Only in cold weather… wish we could get it at shows😂


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