warning ⚠️ this blog may have been taken over by my cat. proceed with- … (*oww*get off me cat!)

Hello, my name is cookie. I’m half cat and half bumblebee bee-well that’s what my mommy said when I was a kitten. Now she claims that I’m half dragon. I’m also known as Dirty paws* and I can open any door or window. I’m also especially good at stealing stuff-like my moms blog😈 so if you’re expecting my mom to start blogging again, THINK AGAIN. I’m not giving up this new found power of the internet! I’m planning to grow an army and rob all the pet stores of freeze dried chicken**

*if you understand this then be known that this is inaccurate.

**my favourite treats


I’m very photogenic and I’m extremely good in book photos. also, don’t listen to my mommy-she said that I was getting too full of myself in the photos and that I was starting to injure people. Not true.

BriphoneApril230 718BriphoneApril230 705marenphotosapril2018 945marenphotosapril2018 941

I have everyone trained to fill up my food, feed me treats and give me my dinner early if I want, I also think that my family doesn’t have the right number of pets, we currently have 3 horses, 3 cats(including myself) 1 bunny and 2(😒) dogs. I however think that we need some mice, snakes, salamanders, frogs, etc etc. So I bring them home daily! I always leave them alive and perfectly healthy after I catch them because-really, what good are they if I can’t play with them? I’ve even left a couple of the pet snakes in the shower for my lucky auntie to find! She screamed in happiness!! So I’ve taken it upon myself to bring home as many new pets as possible!! At one point my silly mommy thought that I’d like to wear a collar with a bell🙄 I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize that it made it difficult for me to bring home more pets… because I know she is always so happy when I do!! She jumps around yelling because she’s so happy!!

I’ve also learned how to unlock the bedroom door! So now whenever my mom accidentally locks me in there because we have guests over, I can unlock it to go tell them to get out of my favourite spot on the couch!! I don’t use force unless it’s necessary, and I only bite about 90% of our guests, plus I only ever use my claws when it’s absolutely necessary! which happens to be often…


anyways, my paws are now getting sore. and this blogging business seems like a lot of work… I might give it back to my mommy…

yours sincerely; Cookie

marenphotosapril2018 082marenphotosapril2018 299marenphotosapril2018 118marenphotosapril2018 657marenphotosapril2018 1203marenphotosapril2018 1419marenphotosapril2018 2191marenphotosapril2018 909BriphoneApril230 017marenphotosapril2018 1660BriphoneApril230 116BriphoneApril230 724BriphoneApril230 1214

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