My neighbours are having two foals soon!! I’m SOOOOOO excited!! Actually my Neighbor is my Riding instructor as well…which is handy cuz she has an indoor and outdoor ring and it makes it really easy to ride!! But back to the point!! FOALS!! Next door to me!!!!!!!😍😍 one of the mares is named Tanta-my sister was riding her before she had her baby and I think she is going to start riding her again after she’s had her baby-and the other mare is named Velvet-she’s a bit grumpy at times…😬 but they are both Super cute and I can’t wait for their  foals!! They are also both overdue…so any day now!! Eeeeee!!!! Sooooo EXCITING!!!! Also I MIGHT*have sneakily hooked my phone up to my Neighbours stall cameras…

*MIGHT!! Ok?!? I MIGHT not have…😉(you don’t seem to be buying it😑) Ok! Ok! Fine! So my phone is hooked up to the cameras…but I got some cool pics!!

Tanta⬇️ 5612C25D-2400-4286-BAC0-1383F59B4B1AADF2E03E-409C-4229-9EE3-0CAC57753114B08549CD-0712-4DE1-84C8-C36D67EA3190

Velvet⬇️ 26B26CB1-A612-4EBA-9D34-7EA7FCDDBC531C9D9A46-621D-4EE2-903D-0591EEC354A60A698278-4840-49C4-B470-F1FE517389FD

also I have no idea why Velvets camera is coloured and Tantas is Black and white…🤔 but these cameras are SOOOO cool!!!

anyway! I’ll post some pictures as soon as the foals are born😄😄

6 thoughts on “FOALS!!!!!!!!!”

  1. You must be so excited! And yes… I know I said that earlier today 😆. Still, how lucky are you?? Send pics as soon as possible!


    1. Yes!!!! I’m soooooo excited!!!!(I keep saying that but?!?) and I will most DEFINITELY post pics!!😄


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