12 question bookish Tag!!

Hello everyone!! Today I’m trying The 12 question bookish Tag! Made by Me!!😂
So it might be a little weird…but oh well!!
Here goes!!

340703E9-8070-4188-89B8-DF433E1996C91. How do you feel about audio books?

Hmmm…there not my favourite…but they can be handy!! I personally find I can’t remember stuff unless I read it, so I prefer regular books. But audio books can be handy if you’re trying to do stuff at the same time! Like when I’m trying to walk and read at the same time…😬

2. Bookshelf: rainbow or arranged by series/favourite books?

I personally LOVE the look of a rainbow book shelf, but mine is by series😕😜 for one thing I find it difficult to keep books in a rainbow pattern…plus my bookshelf is SUPER narrow…🙃

3. Favourite book cover?

I have LOTS!!…but maybe Songs of the current??? In hardcover?!? It’s just SOOO Pretty!!!!😍😍😍😍

4. Favourite book quote?

Hmmm…I have a LOT of favourite quotes but maybe one from Six of Crows or any of the Cassandra Clare shadow hunter books?!?

5. Longest book you’ve read.

Ummm not sure…maybe Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix?!? 870 pages I think?!?! But then I really have no idea!! I don’t really pay attention the how long books are😜 oops!

6. Shortest book you’ve read?

Probably a book when I was a kid,like maybe a story book? I used to read some weird books when I was little…like REALLY weird…!

7. Favourite character from a book?

SOOO DIFFICULT!!!!!!!! Maybe one of the characters from Six of Crows?? It kinda depends on what book I’m currently reading!! Like if I was currently reading the mortal instruments it would be One of those characters…or if I was currently reading Harry Potter then it would probably be one of those characters…or if…ok you probably get the idea!!

8. Least favourite character from a book?

Also totally depends on the book!! And the characters… and you know, EVERYTHING!!!!!

9. Dust jackets? On or off?

Normally off…but sometimes I actually prefer to have them on!! Like if I JUST got a brand new Hardcover book!! I’d probably keep the dust jacket on😀 because SOMEHOW the corners on my books get rubbed?!? It’s really weird!! Not all of them…just a large number of them…😟

10. Magnetic bookmarks? Yes or no?

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO NO NO!!! 😭😭😭😭*

11. If someone offered to give you a prophecy what would you say?

Most likely no…I meant would be pretty cool…but then everyone who hears a prophecy almost dies?!? And the prophecy basically tells them that they are about to die?!?!? So I don’t know….maybe I could hear one about someone else?!? But then if the prophecy is still going to happen….then I might as well know about it!! So I don’t know what I would say….🙃 but maybe I should just stay away from prophecy’s?!?!?

12. Who do you Tag?

No pressure to do this but I Tag:

Iris@Hoard of Books

Brianna@Brianna’s Blog

Plus anyone else who feels like stealing this!!!

*don’t talk to me about magnetic bookmarks!! Just don’t!! I’ve had a very bad experience with them…so plz…DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭


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